Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rested & Ready.

I've had a couple of emails over the last few days from people who read the blog asking if I'm OK, I can confirm I'm in good health and just returned from a cruise holiday with the wife aboard the Splendour of the Seas cruising around the Mediterranean so am all rested up and ready for the forthcoming Grayling season, the season I look forward to the most.

Whilst on holiday I stumbled across a little shop on the island of Santorini which sold Olive wood items so after a browse around the shop and a coffee with the owner we started to chat about wood turning and he gave me a present combined with the items I bought which will be turned into decorative float bodies and other assortments for my desk or display cabinet.
I quite like the idea of a few olive wood floats mounted on one of the larger pieces of wood as a decorative piece for my keys or glasses on my desk...who knows.

I'm hoping to get my first proper outing out after the Ladies later in the week so keep an eye out and thanks to everyone who dropped me an email asking if I was OK, Nice to see that people look out for my posts and a special mention to Maxine who is venturing out onto the Clyde for her first ever trip up north after the Grayling.


  1. Welcome back George. I've had nowt to read on my dinner breaks recently so I welcome your forthcoming Grayling adventures.

    Will you be on the fly or the float at first, or do you mix it up a little?



    1. lol, thanks Dave, glad to see I keep your interest when your stuffing your face with lunch....lol. I mix it up mate, If its a higher than average water I take the floats but if its normal and running well then I stay on the fly generally until the first frosts come then the fish go deep, I'm not one for standing up to my knackers Czech nymphing but I do enjoy the wets and especially the dries for the ladies.


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