Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Olive & Yew

I posted the other day about my first two Hard Wood Float Displays purely for display purposes and last night finished the other two off that I had been working on, Im particularly pleased with the way the Olive wood grain has come through in the Olive mounted float.

I have been in touch with the man in Santorini Greece who gifted them to me and bought some from him. Its a very dense hardwood and takes time to turn down but the rewards are stunning grains like this one.

Tipped with red paint and a few wraps of silk to finish off the birch stem.

                                  Body Close Up

Yew  Branch mount which like the others has been felted on the base.

The 2nd one is an Irish Figured Yew one like the first two.

Completed in exactly the same way  but not as much grain showing in this one, like everything nature provided everything is different, until you start carving the wood down you cannot see what the final grain pattern is going to be like.

Tipped with yellow and banded white with a few turns of silk wraps down the birch stem to finish off.

                              Mounted on another piece of Yew Branch with the grain shining through.

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