Monday, 10 November 2014

Yew Asked

I constantly get asked if I would make floats for displays or would I be willing to make floats for picture displays which is against the ethos as to why I make floats, Like it says on the the Flee & Float & on the website.

 "I dont make floats to be works of art, to look pretty and be hung on a wall in a picture frame, I make them for what they were designed for......catching fish"

So I simply say No Thanks as I would hate to think that the floats I make dont get used for what they were designed for.
However over the last few months in between float making I have been toiling with a few ideas and experimenting with various types of hard wood, primarily to further my tuition in wood turning so I put out a couple of small ideas to friends & family for feedback and have to say the responses I received back were all encouraging, so I took it one stage further and came up with these.

 Hard Wood Float Displays 

Designed to sit on a desk or a shelf in a tackle room /study or man-cave as an admiration piece, not designed for fishing.

This particular one is turned from Irish Figured Yew, with a birch stem and mounted on another piece of Yew with as much as the bark retained as I could possibly manage. I have slightly offset it at an angle as if to demonstrate how it would look floating down a river. 

Finished off with a few turns of silk wrap down the stem

A closer shot of the body showing the grain of the wood, carved to look like a small red tipped trotting float

And the Yew base showing the lovely grain of the mount that the float display sits on. 
The underside of the mount has been covered with green felt so that it wont scratch the desktop or shelf that they were designed to sit on.

The 2nd one is another piece of Irish Figured Yew slightly different in appearance with an orange tip, again slightly offset with a birch stem and a couple of wraps of silk to finish off the stem.


 You can see that the grain on this piece of wood really shows through on the body of the display float.

And again the grain of the Yew Mount showing through

The pair sat side by side at 6" high.

These are totally designed with display in mind, and I hope that I have created something that appeals to other float anglers alike.

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