Saturday, 22 November 2014

Spalted Beech & Cork

Finished off another couple of Display Floats which were done with Spalted Beech.

I decided to experiment with the Yew Mount in this one and applied a dark stain to the base, it still shows the grain through it all be it a bit darker and ties in withe the multi grain pattern of the Spalted Beech.

A close up of the multi grain pattern of the Spalted Beech.

Painted with a red tip and white collar band.

Another Spalted Beech Float with a totally different pattern through it.

Orange tipped this time with a white collar.

Catching up on the actually floats for fish I managed to get finished this Cork Chubber style float that was asked of me after I produced a smaller one, this one was designed for much more for heavy water as requested and big baits with a shotting pattern of 5SSG.

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