Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Yew & Beech

Last few weeks I have been busy with floats, for the charity box & the display floats I started doing to improve my hand at wood carving, I just wish the rivers would stop acting like a yo-yo  and stay steady but we really cant complain its past the middle of November and its so mild, just scares me when it is actually going to start getting cold.

Anyway as I said yesterday I'm behind on the float updates so here are some new display ones I finished recently. Another Olive wood one which now exhausts my current supply, until more arrives from my man in Santorini....like something from James Bond rather than float making.

A small bobber style float with red tip and red silk whippings, with birch as the stem finished off on a Yew mount.

The next one is a new wood for me to work with which I had seen and liked which is Spalted Beech.

I was really impressed with the natural pattern of the wood and how it came out, with a lovely view from either side.

Finished off with a few turns of dark peony silk and mounted on Yew.

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