Sunday, 28 December 2014

The last Flee's & Floats 2014.

Another year passes on the flee & float so to put 2014 to bed the last flees & floats of this year.

A couple of gold head nymphs for the Grayling...what else!

One for the fish, one to give away to a fellow Grayling angler and one for the trees when I muck up a cast.

And to finish off the year on the floats a few variations of cork floats

 3 cork floats on macaw quills.

Finally gave in on keeping the macaw feathers that was sent to me a few years back by a friend, I kept them for the photographs but decided to thin them out a bit & have held back a few feathers  to continue with the photographs the rest will be turned into floats like the 3 here.

 The feathers didn't got to waste as once stripped they were placed in a jiffy bag and will get used a some point in the fly tying.

Staying with the cork, I also made up these 3 quill tipped with 4mm Birch wood stems.

And finally the last ones off the dryer were these 2 quill tipped cork bobbers with 2.5mm stems

The last flees & floats of 2014, Its been a good year, and to everyone who has contributed I thank you and hope that you enjoyed the floats and the guys who had the flees I hope they caught for you.

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