Saturday, 31 January 2015

Back to Basics.....Cane & Balsa Spigoted Stick Floats

Soon after I moved to North Yorkshire in 2008 I met up with some local lads from the match circuit scene whilst walking the banks trying to familiarize myself with the rivers around these parts. I met up with a well known local angler who always used stick floats no matter what and he always made his own so after some time of talking to him he agreed to teach me how to make cane & balsa spigoted stick floats from scratch.

I haven't made them for sometime now as not a lot of anglers ask for them to be handmade for them, rather buying the commercial ones.
I like to try and keep my hand in at most floats I do so continuing my back to basics theme this year so far I made a couple.

Probably the most simplistic floats there is but one of the most difficult to get right when making them as everything has to be done right to balance the float correctly and the spigot deep enough to give the whole thing strength.

I completed a dome top stick painted in black and the cane stained with dark oak and  the other is a droplet top painted in green with dark oak cane stem.

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