Sunday, 1 March 2015

A couple of Flees & a couple of Floats

With the rivers being left alone for the Grayling by me I haven't been out since my last report on  19th February, I had all intentions of going to one of the club ponds stocked with rainbow trout but my heart was not fully in it so gave it a pass, I really do prefer rivers.

With some time on my hands in the evenings this past week,  I made up a few flees for the new season, I'm not one to sit at the vice and churn loads of flees out, same can be said about the floats as I start  to loose concentration after a few and I would rather concentrate on quality over quantity any day of the week.

A few flies that did me well last year at the start of the season were these ribbed black spiders.

These also accounted for a few last season, I'm not quite sure where the dressing came from but fished wet they produced some nice fish.

Finally a couple of parachute hairs ears I have been practicing with over the closed months and these were the best 2 out of approx a dozen or so, so finally getting the tying right.

A couple of floats to keep that side of things ticking over, the first being a cork bodied waggler.

Banded in yellow with an orange top and painted green stem

And a couple of cork trotting floats to finish off with.

One red, one yellow completed in cork with painted stems.

I hopefully have some fishing planned for this week, weather dependent of course and the condition of the rivers after all the rain.

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