Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Favourite Shots whilst on the River

I received an email the other day commending me on the blog, which is always nice to hear but a question was also set and the question was, "Out of all the shots I have taken what are my personal favorites."

Seemed a hard one but actually I do keep photographs which I really like in a separate folder for easy reference so on replying to the email I said I would show a couple.

I'm the type of person who will take a photograph of pretty much anything whilst on the riverbank so Ive taken a couple of categories and placed my two favourite shots.

Landscape / Mornings

At number one a fiery red sky over the river.

Number two snow on the the horizon.

For fishing photographs Ive split it into Trout & Grayling, not necessary the biggest fish Ive caught but I just like the way the photograph has come out.

Number one grayling picture for me was this fish taken from the Clyde, not a PB but I just love the way the light reflects off the top of the fish like glass.
Number two is this Grayling amongst the cut willows.

Number one on the trout would be this golden Brown Trout from the Ure.

Number two would be this trout again for its golden colour and markings.

Pictures of my fishing tackle feature a lot especially if I'm just walking along and see an opportunity for a nice photo.

Fly rod & berries is number one

Dumped kit would be number two.

Insect life is most definitely this one

and although not on the riverbank this is my favourite shot from the float making side of things as it holds a lot of good memories for me and why its the main picture on the website.


  1. Great selection of pictures George, I can see why you have chosen them. Coincidentally I also had an email about my blog; it ended with the two of us agreeing to exchange a days fishing on our respective waters. Looking forward to seeing what the new season will bring us both.

  2. Thanks Ben, it's always nice when you can plan exchange days, I had an email from a club secretary a few months back with the same thing as yet we haven't arranged anything but am sure it will happen in the future. The best of luck to you in the new season.

  3. The only emails I get about my blog are from solicitors explaining the definition of the word 'defamation'.

    All your photos are remarkable.

    1. Why doesn't that surprise me Tom......lol cheers mate hope your well.


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