Thursday, 9 April 2015

Back in the Dales & Elusive Trout

I decided to spend a few hours today getting my 2015 Brown Trout season off to a start, I could have picked far easier places to start with but decided to set myself a challenge and fish far up the Dale after the small wild brown trout I know inhabit the area. The day was meant to be hot with a temperature of 20C and the river was low and gin clear....a challenge right enough.

It was great to be back on a river and the first thing that hit me as I was pulling on my waders was the abundance of nature around, the Oyster catchers were paired up and flying around, the pheasants were making a racket calling out and the buds were well out on the trees.

As I walked down to the start point these 2 came over to greet me as I walked past them.

As I looked over the bridge sure enough the river was very low and gin clear, I stood and watched for a while to see if I could see any movement....Nothing!

This was going to be a few hours searching out the deeper water to see if I could persuade any of the trout to oblige so what better way than a couple of upstream spiders.

I covered a couple of miles wandering upstream from pool to pool with no evidence of any trout showing at all until I got to a point I knew wasn't worth going any further, so sat and soaked in the views around the Dale, watching the Oyster catchers, a kingfisher and the rabbits in the field with the sun on my face, I might not be catching but with nature & scenery like this who was really worried...Not Me.

The wild daffodils were showing their full glory in the early morning sunshine.

And the view up the Dale was stunning.

I sat with my back against a tree and just soaked in the atmosphere around, and time soon flashed past as I had sat there almost an hour my mind just wandering without a care.

I walked back down to the bridge and fished the slightly deeper pools below and again like the upstream venture never seen or felt a single fish.

I sat watching the pool below the bridge for a while to see if I could see any fly hatch, but apart from the odd one or two nothing materialized and I decided to call it a day just after lunchtime.

Although no fish were seen or touched I still thoroughly enjoyed being back on the river in such stunning surroundings and look forward to many more hours in such glorious settings this year.

Might even invest in a new net after seeing this photograph today with a few holes that have been added!


  1. A fine day out George, great pics. I'm still to get of the mark this season too!

  2. Good to get back on the bank Brian, the lack of fish didn't really bother me it was a cracking few hours and dusted off the cobwebs and the scenery & wildlife made it all worth it. Have a good season mate.


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