Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bangkok to Brown Trout

Its been a few weeks now since I last posted and the Grayling season is a  now a mere memory, Ive been half way around the world visiting  South East Asia  with my family on holiday where we split the holiday into two, a few days in Bangkok which I have to say was magnificent, especially being based right next to the Chao Phyraya river which allowed us to see and do so much.

Ever the fisherman it wasn't long till I sniffed out the fish in the river.....

Then it was down to Samui for a bit of rest & relaxation even there as I was passing by the enormous amounts of wild Cane growing next to the road was my mind wondering what cracking split cane rods they would make.
So with the holiday over and the batteries recharged it time to get amongst the brown trout now, Ive not had the opportunity to get out yet with the rod but a walk along the river the other day with a friend just hit home how much things have moved on since I was last out with the rod. All the willow trees are in bud now, the riverbank is a maze of yellow with the wild daffodils & wild primroses adding colour to the riverbanks. I look forward to getting out soon with the rod and hopefully capturing some lovely wild Brown Trout.

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