Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bars of River Gold

I had the opportunity to grab a few hours fishing this afternoon so not wanting to go to far afield I headed back to my club stretch where I went to test the new flies last time out, it easily accessible and you can be fishing in a matter of minutes.

Wandering across the field to the river at the top of the stretch to set up, a few Oyster catchers lifted from the rough ground and as I sat scanning the river for signs of rising trout, there were a few small fish rising further down towards the end of the pool then a nice trout started rising almost immediately in front of me. My mind was made up after seeing this so dry fly it would be.

I wasn't going to try for the larger trout just yet as its not easy to cover it from where I was setting up so decided to have a go at it from the other bank but I need to drop downstream to cross.

It wasn't long into the session when the first small mouth broke the surface and took my dry fly.

A lovely gold coloured wild trout, just the perfect start to a session.

After releasing it I crossed over and headed back upstream to see if the larger fish was still rising and sat for 5 minutes observing him rising, only when I was content that he was feeding happily I slipped into the water and waded a few steps to be able to cover him.

Duffing up the 1st cast in the wind I had to start again, as I got my 2nd cast out just upstream of his location the fly came down perfectly and as if on a timetable of feeding up he came and took my fly. It shot of upstream for his first run before turning and finally coming to the net.

Another lovely wild trout with stunning colours, I was very pleased, but even more pleased to see him swim off strongly again.

Making my way back downstream and crossing back over I continued downstream scanning for rising fish. I seen a few small fish in the runs so covered them and had a bit of fun taking a few in quick succession, nothing of any size but great fun and lovely marked, again gold colours shiny through.

I also hooked into a few small Grayling around the same size before I headed downstream in search of bigger fish.

It wasn't long till I seen another better fish lying hard against the far bank in the deep water sipping flies as they passed downstream, I moved slowly across the gravel until I was in a position where I could get a long line out and had a few attempts to hook him but he wasn't interested and kept ignoring my fly and sipping in naturals.
I changed down a size of hook with the same pattern and tried again and after the 2nd pass he took the artificial.

When I seen him in the net I knew it was one of the resident stock fish, the colours were no where near as vivid as the wild fish and the tell tale blue tattoo on its stomach gave it away, nevertheless a lovely fish and great sport.

And like all the other fish, released to give sport another day.

That was it a few hours fishing up and I had to make tracks but a very enjoyable couple of hours with some lovely bars of gold.

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