Monday, 15 June 2015

Cold, Rain....Must be the Weekend.

After enduring a full week of spectacular weather whilst at work when it comes the weekend as always, thunderstorms a severe drop in temperature and heavy rain forecast.
This weekend seen my good lady & me celebrate 28 years of being shackled...oops  happily married and then the next day me turn another year older....19 at heart but not in body.

I wasn't going to go out fishing as the weather forecast according to that very accurate BBC weather was meant to be for thunderstorms and wind......well some came true!

On Sunday morning I decided to venture out after Saturday's weather was all wrong in the region but within 30 minutes of arriving on the river the heavens opened and a very cold downstream wind got up.

There was fly life hatching off mainly yellow sally's but it was restricted to the more sheltered places where the trees were overhanging the river.

Since I was last on this particular stretch the Geese have had their young and are all getting big

I sat for some time under the shelter of the trees whilst the heaviest of the rain past through and constantly scanned the river for any signs of rising fish but alas nothing even to the abundance of fly life floating downstream on the current.

 I decided to switch over to spiders and after work upstream searching out the pocket water, it wasn't too long till I started taking fish, all be it small grayling on the point nymph, 4 in total, this being the best of the bunch.

Fishing upstream I managed to get 2 very small trout par on the spiders and drop 2 but that was about it so after seeing the only other fishermen on the river that day, and even the heron looked peeved off with the weather. I decided enough was enough and head back to the car.

As I was heading back downstream I seen a couple of fish break the surface and take down some of the flies moving downstream in the surface film so for a change switched to dry fly and I cast across seeing if I could tempt them.

First one came up almost immediately and took the fly off the surface.

It took slightly longer for the 2nd and a change of fly eventually tempted it up.

and that was it, nothing else on the walk back to the car apart from me seeing my favourite wild flowers, the mimulus.

A wet and dour couple of hours on the river but certainly better than sitting in the house. Will the weather improve for Monday as we are back at work.....of course it did!

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