Thursday, 11 June 2015

Not Until the Sun Went Down.

After Dinner last night I headed out for a couple of hours onto the river to see if I could tempt anything after such a long & hot day. The sun was still high in the sky when I arrived just before 7pm and the river was really low & gin clear. I was astonished at the amount  of fly line on the water, yet no fish were rising.

I walked down the stretch looking for rising fish but seen none, so on the bottom pool fished a couple of wets through the fast water and managed two small Grayling.

I discovered that my right leg repair on my waders had finally given up the ghost as water seeped in and down my leg, which was quite refreshing seeing as it was still very hot even for that time of night.

It was just before 10pm and the sun had just dipped over the horizon when I seen my first trout rise so changed back onto dry fly and the first trout of the evening graced my net, a nice small wild fish that readily took my dry fly as soon as it landed on the water.

I walked back up the stretch and took a further 7 fish all about the same size as pictured above, all within a matter of 30 minutes then just as I was about to call it a night I managed to tempt a better sized fish all be it one of the stocked fish in the river.

I left the river just afterwards as the rises became very brief with only small par rising. A nice way to past a few hours in the evening.


  1. Hello George

    Good going in the conditions. The rivers could certainly do with a good flush through soon.

    I fished the 'Upper Tees' on Saturday evening and there was very little rising. I managed a couple on wet flies.



    1. I haven't been up there at all since the end of the Grayling season mate, The river is so low its not worth the 70 mile round trip for me .

    2. I know what you mean. It's about a 100 mile round trip for me.

      Anyway, it's chub and barbel time now :) I might have look at the Swale stretches in the DBT book (if I can find them).



    3. My chub & barbel kit hasn't been out in 2 seasons now, really need to think about it as I've still got over 10kgs of barbel mix to use in the attic...lol
      The Swale stretches are easy accessible


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