Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Weekend of Dreams

I was hoping to get out this weekend onto one of the rivers in search of the Grayling but mother nature has put paid to that with torrential rain and 50 mph gusting for the next few days which only means one thing, making a start on the fly box for my trip to Finland in 2016.

For several years I have admired some of the photographs that Aki Huntanen ( Graylingland ) has posted on a couple of forums and media sites that I frequent and dreamed of visiting one day.

 A few months ago I contacted Aki asking for prices etc and tried to put a trip together with a couple of friends, unfortunately that fell through so I asked Aki if any anglers from other nations were looking for another person and thankfully I got put in touch with a German angler called Felix, after some correspondence we got a trip planned and booked and we are heading to Graylingland in the middle of 2016, finally I will get my wish to fish in some remote rivers fishing dry fly in search of some very large Grayling.

In preparation  and with the weather being what it is this weekend, I decided to make a start on filling a couple of boxes I intend to take with me, so although the weekend is a washout my mind is still dreaming of catching fish far afield.

With the fly-tying vice out the start of the boxes commences.

Grey Klink.

UV Klink

A long road to completing the boxes but with weather being what it is I'm sure time will fly and the before I know it the boxes will be getting opened to select a fly to cast to a rising Grayling of the Tundra.

Anyone interested in Graylingland, Aki can be found on his website.....Graylingland


  1. Good luck with the lady's George

  2. cheers mate, stay tuned to see the outcome :)


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