Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Few Nymphs

Continuing with the fly tying weekend, today it was the turn of the nymphs on the vice, with the high winds and rain battering the windows it was nice to sit in the warm with a coffee and tie up some patterns to put away in the Finland box.

After having some correspondence with the guide who I will be joining I discovered that my size 16s & 18s would not be appropriate for the job......."80-90% we use #10 dries and nymphs. Sometimes we go down to #12-14, even #16 but not that often."

So with that in mind I started on some size 10 Nymphs.

Dyed hair-lug

            Mixed pheasant tails with & without fluorescent tags

Nymph skin with different coloured underlying floss.

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