Wednesday, 30 December 2015


As I sat and watched Storm Frank thankfully leave my neck of the world alone allowing a bit of rest bite and allowing the clearing up to continue I see from my Scottish family they have not been as fortunate with several large rivers bursting their banks and static caravans floating down the river Dee, The M74 closed to name but a few events, seems Scotland is now receiving what Yorkshire & Cumbria had last week, please dont take risks and I hope everyone is safe & well.

I was in contact with a Norwegian friend who visits the blog and he had noticed that I was lacking in deer hair flies for the trip next year so informed me of a few patterns I should not go without.

Im not a big fan of deer hair but over the last few nights it has sort of grown on me the more I have used it,  even to the extent I went and ordered a set of hair stackers which until now I never possessed.

Elk Hair Caddis, not the greatest of examples in that the wings were done by hand and not a stacker, but Im sure the Grayling wont mind too much.

Dyret (The Animal)  A fly devised by Gunnar Bingen from Norway. The original fly was Deer hair & Antron wool and is a killer of a fly for Northern Grayling...so Im told. I was informed to vary the colours so here is a few to get started with.

Red Dyret

Purple Dyret

Tan Dyret

Im reliably informed that out on the Tundra they are heavily reliant on sedge patterns so that coupled with the deer hair will be my main plan of tying for the dry flies.

Copper Butt Sedge

Europa Variant

And two of my go to flies from these neck of the woods.

Peacock & Black

Peacock & Tan

As a final note my apologies for not making it to Scotland for John Reid's Funeral tomorrow 31st but my thoughts and condolences will be with you all.
To all the followers I wish you a Prosperous New Year for 2016.

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