Thursday, 7 January 2016

More Flies, No fishing!

As time passes I wonder if I will ever get back out with the rod before the Grayling season ends? All that is left to do is keep the tying going and hope for a break in the weather, which according to long term forecasts isn't going to be too soon, rivers are all still in excess of 1.5m.

A few more dyrets with different body colouring's to complete the dyrets theme.

I think that about covers the colours I was tipped off about taking so hopefully they will produce some of the arctic Grayling promised.


  1. Hello George

    This weather is thoroughly depressing. I think the last time I got out was the last week of November (and it was borderline then). What is the highest level that you have caught in assuming Broken Scar as the gauging station? I usually reckon anything over 0.90 is risking it.



  2. Broken Scar? no use to me mate....too far away from my happy hunting grounds....lol
    Aw the weather is terrible, the last time I was out was by sheer chance and that was high that day too, I generally get out up to 1m on the gauges as I know a couple of places which are still fishable but only just, after that I dont bother.


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