Sunday, 20 December 2015

Not So Lucky

I think this week I was being VERY optimistic about getting onto the river, the rain yesterday certainly put the finger of death onto any chances but just in case I still arose at 6am this morning to check the online gauge.....1.84m back to bed we go....

When I finally did decide to re surface the rest of the day was spent tidying up the mess I had made over the last few weeks in the fly tying box as well as my study / work room which I have to admit between balsa dust and cork dust required a right deep clean so everything is now spic and span ready for the new year.

I was back at the vice as mentioned the last few days just keeping myself occupied and these were the results.

After speaking to a Norwegian blogger he informed me not to come to Scandinavia without some form of gnats so I managed to gleam that the red gnat tyings produced slightly more fish so they were added to the dry fly box.

A couple of old favourites of mine, the partridge & orange but with a copperhead to get them down. These work well in the Dales rivers so silly not to try them abroad.

Black arctic fox nymphs.
Black always a good searching colour and after procuring some arctic fox and some mink over the weekend for a few pence it was more of a lets see what we can tie with them.

and the mink bodied ones.

and  just some pottering around with some silver beads and tinsels and came up with these.

and some pink with partridge again just experimenting but am sure after great success with something similar these will attract the interest of the Grayling.


  1. Your flies are just as wonderful as your floats George. The pink and partridge are bound to turn the ladies head. If you do get out over the festive period then stay safe buddy. Merry Christmas to you and those you hold dear. ;o)

  2. Cheers Richard,
    I try my best and practice makes perfect. Same to you mate have a Merry Christmas & a Prosperous new Year and thanks for supporting the blog over the last 12 months . all the best George


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