Saturday, 12 December 2015

Slim Chance

Some of my Scottish fishing friends have headed off to the River Nith today in search of the Grayling, I only wish I was as fortunate, The weather for North Yorkshire was heavy rain which means the already swollen rivers will probably be unfishable again tomorrow.

Around lunchtime the heavy rain turned to snow, only a light dusting to start with.... but much heavier and causing havoc further up the Dale with a friend reporting a few car crashes already with people unprepared and not driving to the current conditions.

I'm hoping that the snow continues that way there will be a very slim chance of getting a couple of hours after the Grayling myself tomorrow.....fingers crossed.

Last night seen me back at the vice tying up a few new patterns which I haven't tied before and a few other patterns to boost the box for next year.

The new pattern which I have never tried before, the Ammonite Nymph.

Room for improvement but not a bad first attempt if I even say so myself.

As always three flies tied, one for the fish one for the tree and one to pass onto another angler, the way I was always told to tie.

A couple of spin off's in different colours and trying varying techniques

And a couple of other patterns to bolster the box.

Some Pheasant Tail Dries, these flies have accounted for a lot of Trout & Grayling on the Yorkshire rivers for me over the years, I always have a few in my box.

                                           A couple of Pink tags.

and finally a couple of Grayling witches with a slight twist, in the way of a palmered hackle instead of the traditional single hackle.

So with nothing further to do but hope that the rivers dont rise too much over the next 12 hours, I might as well sit and relax and read the newest copy of the Grayling Magazine which made its way through my letterbox a couple of days ago. Tight Lines if your out fishing! I hope I will be tomorrow.

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