Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Back at the Vice

Over the last couple of nights I have been back at the vice getting a few flies made to fill the Finland box, after all what better way than to de-stress at the vice after an appalling day at work.
Starting on the Dry fly front a couple of sedge patterns.

Brown / Cream Sedge

Ghost Sedge for fishing into the Gloamin

And finally on the dries a variant of the old favourite Grayling fly, Treacle Parkin, this time with an orange tag instead of the normal yellow.

And a couple of Copper assed nymphs to finish off the tying's.

I'm currently teaching a couple of young folk the art of float making and over the last couple of weeks have been showing them how to turn down a cork Avon from a cork and this was finished the other night so in true Flee & Float tradition here is the finished float.

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