Sunday, 28 February 2016

Last Chance

I had decided yesterday that today I would get out for the last chance at the Grayling today before I quit the abysmal season we have had due to flooding. Im not disappointed or downhearted at the lack of outings over the winter as I have Finland in 5 months time for the Arctic Grayling to look forward to.

With the water being low and crystal clear on all our Dale rivers I decided that I would finish off where I started up the Dale on a club water, and might as well go with the carbon gear and start getting used to it as thats all I can take to Finland due to the baggage restrictions.

I set off just after 1000 hrs hoping that the lateness would be better in the sunshine and hopefully get some insect life moving.
It was just before 1130 hrs that I actually got to start fishing as a dog walker stopped as I was setting my gear up and wanted to know all about the club so finally after a 30 minute chat I managed to get onto the water.

The walk down through the wood looked good in the morning sunshine.

I was heading for a particular run where the riverbed was slightly deeper and made up of solid slabs of bedrock, as I knew the Grayling always liked to sit below the overhangs of rocks and slip out & into the current to feed and with the clear water this was going to be my best chance of ambush.

I had with me the new net I had purchased a week or so back after a tip from a friend who had seen them at BFFI and knew I was on the lookout for one of the rubber mesh nets. Im fed up with getting flies caught up in my normal scoop net and thought it was about time I replaced the old net.

I was astonished at such a low price for a good quality item, £15 + postage  They are well made and was exactly what I was looking for, and have no hesitation in recommending them.......redarmadillo

Just before I crossed over I noticed the Daffodils and crocus which I have failed to see in the past, again beautiful in the morning sunshine.

a few casts in my chosen run and the line went tight and fish on, I could tell straight away it wasnt the target species I was after but it was a fish and who was I to complain.

Not the fish I had planned to christen the net with but beauty makes up for it.

a golden full finned wild Brown Trout in superb fighting fit condition. A single picture and it was gone with the flick of its big tail back below the overhangs of rock on the riverbed.

I continued down through the runs without any other touches so decided to walk down to the next set and see if anything was moving. the walk along the moss covered wall screamed for a photograph.

After a coffee and a few minutes scanning the river I could see shadows on the riverbed moving so with some tactical elegance......Not! I positioned myself for a cast and 2nd cast hooked another Brown Trout which thankfully self released allowing me to stay where I was and have another go. a few casts later another Brown Trout and like the first was a full finned beauty.

Another quick photograph and it was gone, it was only when I got home did I notice the tail and the net showing through behind it. If these fish are anything to go by this year should be a good year for the Trout.

As I walked back up through the wood the primroses along the top of the bank are now showing themselves.

Three Trout, No Grayling, and home by 1500 hrs not a bad few hours in the winter sun and when I got home a friend had been out walking further up the Dale and sent me this picture knowing I would like it.

Makes you proud to say you live in Yorkshire with such stunning scenery.
Till the next Grayling in July where I hope to connect with some lovely Arctic Grayling, I wish everyone tight lines for the new trout season.

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