Saturday, 5 March 2016

Creative Squirt

Over the last week I've had a bit of what I would call a creative squirt, I was sorting through a cupboard after the fishing last week when I stumbled across a box of off cuts from the wood turning & float making and came up with a plan to use a few of them for tools after the recent amount of flies I've been tying for Finland.

With using different varnishes and dubbing's for the flies I only had two needles so was constantly cleaning the varnish from them before using them for dubbing so with the off cuts and some piano wire I had for some stick floats I decided to fashion a couple more for myself and these were the result.

Fashioned from off cuts of Spalted Beech I created a large and small needle, which hopefully should stop the constant cleaning of them before I use them for another task.

In the box with the Spalted Beech was an off cut of Olive Wood which I  had a bit of fun with and turned it a bit more elaborate and this was the result.

I have been teaching the couple of students who I communicate with online the art of Fluting in a couple of forms so as always the EDIP principle I had drilled into me during my forces days always shines through...Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation & Practice. So these were my Demonstration Floats, the first floats I've had the pleasure of making since November last year.

Three Fluted Perch Bobbers with a larger style fluted float which I was asked to make for a Personal friend for Barbel.

To finish off the week I had an hour or so at the vice last night making some holographic nymphs.

Copper holographic's

finishing off with a couple of green holographic nymphs.

Not a bad week all in all considering I've been motoring on with a poisoned finger all week after an accident at work.

I thought it best not to hold my finger up seeing as its my middle finger....lol


  1. What happened at work to poison your finger? Those are really nice looking floats by the way.

  2. I picked my noise Ben...lol, no seriously got it cut whilst working on a machine, I hate wearing gloves and it got infected, on the mend now though. The floats are a favourite to make as they take time and patience.


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