Thursday, 10 March 2016

Flies Tied and Bought.

With the Finland fly box now nearly complete and the forthcoming trout season fast approaching I took the opportunity a couple of nights ago to start replenishing the trout fly boxes. With my mind wandering to warm summer nights when a good hatch is on the water just as its starting to get dusk I could see the trout coming to take these from the surface, a couple of flies that have produced many good trout for me over the past couple of seasons early on.

March Brown Jinglers

Olive Jinglers

I decided to break out the CDC again as that side of the box was looking rather more bare than the other side so with nothing in particular set about tying up a couple of different variations with CDC.

As some close friends know I enjoy nothing better than upstream spider fishing so with the box looking really healthy I decided to make a few tweaks to some already well known patterns just as  a time filler

Partridge & Orange with & without thorax

A bit of a cross over as it started life as a pheasant tail nymph but as I got up the body wondered what it would look like with a partridge hackle, and this was the result.

Partridge & Fluorescent yellow with wire rib

A couple of holographic spiders.

I have for many years enjoyed tying all my own flies, making my own floats and other pieces of tackle and tools as regular readers of the blog will know but there are times, not very often I hasten to add when I see something that has been well researched, improved upon and produces the fish and although I could try and imitate it, its always better to get some from the originator to try and this is exactly what I did after following Cailean Moore's posts over the past trout season and seeing the results.

The B47 nymph improved upon from just being a river nymph to also catching on still waters the G47 created by Cailean at Insect Imitations.

After some discussions with Cailean about which sizes as I wanted them not only for the trout season here but also to take on the Finland trip they arrived through the post yesterday.

What really impressed me was the personal touch that Cailean puts into his work, a hand written note, virtually unheard of nowadays, the mixed array of B47 / G47 nymphs and written instructions on the setup and how to fish them.

Also thrown in were a few of his spider patterns for me to fish, a nice touch and very thoughtful. And the eagle eyed will see he even includes a waterproof fly box to store them in.

Cailean's work is first class & I cannot speak highly enough over the service and help he provided. I will of course keep you updated when I get onto the river and start fishing with them but from what I've seen of the 47 nymph they speak for themselves.

If you want to check out his work or contact him then he can be found on Facebook, see link below.


  1. Nice looking flies, especially the spider flies.

  2. cheers Ben, just trying to think of something different as the spider boxes are full, I bought a lot of holographic tinsel which Im trying out, I do like the snipe & purple I tied the other night, I've yet to publish the photograph yet but am sure it will appeal to you too.


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