Tuesday, 24 May 2016

An Opportune Moment

Last night with the wife out and the kit in the back of the car, I seen an opportune moment to head straight to the river from work, so grabbing a quick snack on route to appease the hunger devils I headed straight to the river.
I wasnt planning on staying long and only had one pool in mind that I fancied giving a quick cast over.

I was on the river just before 1800hrs and had the rod bent into the first fish 2 minutes later.
Not a trout that I had come to try for but a Grayling in superb fighting condition.

The next fish took the fly just as I was about to lift off so I knew it wasnt a great hook hold and as soon as it got its dorsal up in the faster water it was gone, I couldn't complain 2 fish within the first 5 minutes, I just love these opportune moments when the fish are on and you only have a short time to fish for them.

The next fish soon followed again another Grayling.

The next 20 minutes seen me hook and loose a further 3 Grayling as they were nipping the fly just as I was lifting off.

I did manage to get another Grayling just before I decided to call time, I never seen a single fish rise or any trout at all in the hour.

One pool, 3 fish captured, 4 fish lost and back in the car and heading home 1 hour 5 mins after I started, just goes to show grabbing a quick moment pays rewards.

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