Sunday, 22 May 2016

Looking at Advertising or going fishing...No contest.

Social media, a tool we are all accustomed to and you either use it or you dont, personally I use it to keep in touch with my forces,fishing friends & family from all over the world. The flee & float has a public page there also, but with fishing communities you also get the advertising.

Recently though the advertising has been in your face, I can fully understand companies paying to advertise their wares to the public but when it comes down to individual anglers advertising in nearly every post they make then it becomes a bit much, Im like any other angler from around the world, I like to show what I've caught and be proud of my achievements, sometimes you see a rod and reel in the shot but thats about it.
Some anglers nowadays arent content with that, they have to get the label in the shot, the company name, the name of the rod etc etc.

Im a great believer in not following the trends and sticking with what suits me and what Im happy with, Yep a 70 year old fly reel attached to a Piece of bamboo suits me, and guess what it actually catches fish too.....now fancy that!

Yes I love to try new things and see whats on the market but to be constantly bombarded with company names, makes of rod, types of jackets etc it gets a bit much & very boring, especially as a friend put it, if they change sponsorship, as they thought the company they worked for had the top class gear and now all of a sudden they have a new sponsor their kit is so much better....Really! get a life.
Advertising you either love it or loathe it, personally myself I loathe it especially when on nearly every page you visit the same post is repeated, Now I know a lot of guides and casting instructors make their living from their job and advertise but its not always them who are doing it, its the working guy who from time to time ties flies, guides occasionally that are becoming the worst offenders maybe because they get handouts or discounts to mention the company name or push trade in their direction Im purely being suggestive but whatever happened to fishing for enjoyment & pleasure, to get away from the stresses of everyday life...some folk need to really look at themselves and get a life! after all its too short.

Last night with the weather and river conditions dictating a change in my normal plans of a full day on the river and a few jobs around the garden I need to get done I chose to go out for a few hours last night.

The river as expected was low and clear and after sitting in the cover of a large chestnut tree observing upstream and downstream for movement of fly life and fish which were both significantly lacking I opted to fish the spider patterns I always carry with me and love fishing.

It didn't take long to find the first fish in the faster water, nothing big but very welcome and totally wild.

Continuing fishing the upstream spiders I bounced off another 4 fish of the same caliber which I didn't mind, although the usual self telling off's were present as I murmured to myself.

I took a break in the location of a tree that had been washed downstream in the last floods, the sheer power of the water uprooting it and throwing the tree around like a piece of drift wood.

Most people on a Saturday night opt for a Pizza, a curry or a Chinese with a glass of red wine or a pint, my Saturday night tea, nothing too fancy, with the riverbank as my table, a couple of pepperami's and some flavoured water to wash it down....pushing the boat out or what! but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

It was nice just to kick back for a wee while and watch the surroundings and nature at its best.

After being fed and watered I got back into the faster water with the flies and almost instantly felt the tug of something a bit more substantial and the rod started to get a decent bend in it. After a few long runs in the faster water I slipped the net under a lovely wild fish.

A quick couple of snaps and it was released to fight another day.

The light show was starting to appear as the sun started dipping away over the horizon, on the trees on the opposite bank.

Catching a further 3 small Par before finally calling it a night and heading home happy & contented as the night sky put on a show.

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