Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Graylingland here we come....

Well after almost a year of planning a trip to tick off my bucket list its finally time for me to say goodbye to UK for 10 days and head north to Graylingland in Finnish Lapland for some wilderness fly fishing for arctic grayling.

Its been a bit of a bumpy ride getting to this point with a few fishing acquaintances saying they were going with me on the trip only to pull out when things were getting finalized and money was mentioned which left me by my lonesome.

Undeterred I was introduced by email to Felix & Manfred both from Austria who were looking for another angler to make up the numbers so after a few emails the dates etc were all finalized.

Thankfully after spending 17 years based in Germany I had the sense to learn the language which although a bit rusty will soon be put back into use & the lads speak English so am sure as anglers with a common cause we will get by after a whisky or two, or even maybe three or four.

With all the flies now tied, the lines sorted out, the conversion from Split Cane rods back to Carbon.........purely for the trip I would like to add!

The bags are finally packed.

All that remains for me to say now is Auf Wiedersehen. Graylingland here I come.


  1. Hello George

    Good luck on your holiday. I suspect your personal best may take a hammering once or twice. I'll look forward to reading your exploits when you get back.



    1. cheers Dave, my personal best was the first fish I landed as I have never caught an arctic grayling before, different species from our own European grayling, I wont say much more as it will all be revealed in due course. all the best George

  2. Good luck on your adventure.
    Looking forward to the results


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