Sunday, 10 July 2016

To Go or not to Go.....

Watching the rain fall last night and the river level rise I was debating whether to go out or not with the British Formula 1 GP on at mid day, something I always like to watch but like other races its probably a forgone conclusion so it was fishing for a few hours and maybe catch the last of the race on my return.
The river had rose during the night as was expected but it was just inside the fishable level so I left home and it was a clear but slightly breezy morning, that didn't last long! I had only gone up the dale a matter of a few miles and the mist was hanging heavy and the rain was on and off, light to start with but getting heavier as I got higher up.

I arrived to heavy rain and a river the colour of drinking chocolate, I contemplated going straight home but the fisherman in me said otherwise so I tackled up with a long leader and a nymph set up and started off heading downstream, walking to a point where I was hopeful of getting a fish, just as I was about to take the photograph the rain eased and the sun sneaked out for a brief few moments.

A couple of casts through and the indicator stopped dead and fish on.

A lovely little wild brown trout which had just made my day and I felt contented that I had chose the option to fish.

A few more casts and as I was lifting the nymphs out to start again another fish took the bottom fly but after a quick somersault was gone.

Crossing over I stumbled into a red currant bush laden heavily in berries. I must have walked passed this bush hundreds of times and never noticed it until now, so a quick collection of the ripe berries which were so sweet and succulent to taste and I was on my way again.

Moving downstream I seen a few small fish rise close to the far bank so decided to cast in their general direction and after a few casts the indicator shot upstream and another fish on, another lovely small wild trout which I never tire of catching, miniature perfection.

Another couple of small fish followed but released themselves at range before a better size of fish decided it took a liking to my nymphs.

By now the rain was constantly on & off every few moments with some heavy downpours so I decided I wasnt chancing going any further on the wrong bank so crossed over the river whilst I still could manage it and had a walk along the riverbank before heading back to the car.

The array of wild flowers so varied

Not sure on this but think they could be wild helleborine

 wood forget me not


a few moments taking in the surrounding scenery, a bit damp.

Heading back towards the car the cows were in the spot I had earmarked for having one last throw,

As I neared the cow it made a bee line exit without disturbing the water too much and within a few moments the nicest fish of the day broke the surface. 

a golden brown trout in the true sense.

I seen another fish move exactly where I had just taken this fish so decided to have another throw only to be intercepted by a small fish that appeared from nowhere.

The camera malfunctioned in the fact it didn't open the shutter properly, probably due to the damp conditions but I was calling it a day anyway and with this headed home very wet but absolutely contented that I had caught in such difficult conditions, and I managed to catch the last few laps of the GP....


  1. Is the camera a SONY DSC HX50? That is the model I normally take fishing when travelling light. My camera has exactly the same problem...except that now it fails to open the protective shutter fully, EVERY time I use it. A quick nick with the fingernail solves it. I suspect dirt has got into the mechanism.

  2. No it's a Kodak compact, it was merely dampness, now it's dried out it works perfectly again

  3. Hi George.
    The blue flower you think is a wild helleborine(it may well be but it's not a name I know)is an aconite or monks hood,the top of each flower looks like a monks cowl,all of it's parts are extremely poisonous so don't think of adding any to your sloe whisky.
    Kind regards,

    1. cheers John, everyday is a school day no matter how old you are, thanks for info. I never touch anything unless I know exactly what it is, Im quite fortunate that I was taught a lot of wild edible plants as a kid then this went further when I was in the military but wild flowers are quite a new thing for me all be it Im a keen gardener.


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