Friday, 9 September 2016

On Par

Well as predicted I headed straight from work for a few hours on the river and it was a very different situation I arrived to than the previous trip up, the wind was howling down the Dale and the water was being blown back upstream but I was here and I can always find a run or two tucked away from the wind  so opted to fish a couple of nymphs the best I could on a short line.

I just could not get through the Par which were intercepting the nymphs as they dropped through the water layers.

I must have caught well over 60 Par before the wind got the better of me and I called it a night after an hour and a half. Still very enjoyable despite the wind and Im quite relieved I left when I did as a farmer friend called me today and told me that where I normally park my car there was a fallen tree blown over and not to park there until he has time to clear it off with a chainsaw & tractor.


  1. My goodness George they're beautiful little fella's.
    That first photo is awesome.

    1. Thanks Alan, I have to admit I'm in awe at the Beaty of some of the fish you post, amazing colours.


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