Wednesday, 7 September 2016

What a Beastie

Well with the wife away on a cruise this week I didn't feel the need to rush home to an empty house so decided last night to head straight from work onto the river,  As I took my waistcoat from the boot of the car I could hear a whirring noise coming from the pocket....For some reason my camera was on and the lens was stuck open, It had probably been like that since I put the waistcoat in the car the night before so I didn't have high hopes of the batteries lasting long, which after you read the report you will see it was a bad time to run out of power!

I sat by the river eating my packed dinner I had prepared the night before watching Grayling rise, what  better a view to have your evening meal to.

It wasnt long before I was in amongst them with the green supa pupa to start with and I had the odd fish rising to it but nothing really positive and had a few long range releases.

I changed over to the yellow bodies pupa about 40 minutes later and from the word go had fish.

Nothing too big but great sport and plenty of it. I went to take another picture of the following fish and yep you guessed the camera was dead....

Anyway I continued on and in just over 2 hours from my first cast to darkness setting in I had taken 27 Grayling on the yellow coloured Pupa. The original dressing given to me by John Roberts was good but I have to say this has went beyond my expectations by simply changing the body colour. Work prevailing I might even head out straight from work tomorrow night as the weekend weather forecast isn't good...Now why doesn't that surprise me!

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