Friday, 30 September 2016

They think its all over......

Now the proper fishing begins.
With today being the last day of the trout season here, the season I prefer is now upon us, however I always like to give it a few weeks so a slight fishing break before I enjoy this years Grayling season, the clear crisp frosty mornings on the river, you cant beat it!

Last couple of days has seen me tying up a few nymphs in preparation as I plan to fish the nymph a lot more this year than I normally do.

A couple of rainbow perdigons which worked well last year.

A few bugs which I always have in my box and has caught me many Grayling over the years, the one on the far left has been wetted to show the colour difference from the remaining dry ones, some with ribs some without.

And a few quill nymphs I seen online so decided to tie a few and see how they go.

Today I made up the first Bottle of this years Sloe Whisky, 250 grams of sugar, 1 Litre of Whisky and 2 lbs of sloes, now its all down to time, this will sit for 3 months or more in a dark cupboard as it takes on the taste and colour of the sloes, Ready just in time for the 2017 Trout season.

To all my fellow Grayling anglers world wide I hope you have a rod bending season and enjoy these wonderful fish...Tight Lines.


  1. All the best George for Grayling season and hope to see on the bank this year or early next year.

    1. Cheers Neil, Im sure we will bump into each other at some point, all the best mate.

  2. Colorful little bottom flies.
    Good luck on the new season.

    1. Thanks Alan, I'm really looking forward to it.


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