Wednesday, 16 November 2016

All of a Sulk...

Last weekend my Wife & I decided to head back up to Scotland for a few days as I have accepted an offer to start work with another company which saw me start on Monday so I didn't want to ask for a day off to enable us to get back up before Christmas comes around so the wife being well prepared already had everyone Christmas presents, so it was just a matter of taking them up and leaving them.

I decided to top up the box with a few nymphs so with some sulky material set about making a few perdigon nymphs up and hopefully would have a chance to get them wet whilst I was in Scotland.

Scotland like everywhere else in the country last week was struggling for water, the rivers were low and gin clear with a lot of leaf debris sitting on the riverbed throughout its course.

We drove up as planned and that night the heavens opened whilst we slept, I didn't think to the extent that the rivers would take much so had planned on a few hours......how wrong I was.

On peering over the bridge I was greeted with these views.

The view downstream


so needless to say the fishing was off, I wasnt too disheartened as it gave me more time to go and visit some friends & family and spend a bit more time with them than I had planned, and most importantly time to visit my favourite butcher and stock up on traditional Square Lorne Sausage and Scotch Pies, which now adorns my freezer in considerable numbers along with some tatties scones.

I even managed to nip down onto the Clyde and join in with one of the poaching patrols which was being conducted, so spent a nice hour or so walking the banks and having a chinwag to some old friends, in the light of the moon.

A nice weekend before starting the new job and being thrown into the lions den headfirst, but thats the joys of a new job....thankfully now halfway through the week and still OK so longing for a few hours this weekend on the river, levels dependant.


  1. George I use that sulky material on several soft-hackles. It works great.

  2. Alan, Im the same I have a few spiders tied up with it also, I use the copper a lot and the clear translucent but the others are later additions.

    1. The clear translucent works very well for me.

    2. I've had a few fish on clear translucent with a partridge hackle and another good one is a black hackle both spiders


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