Saturday, 19 November 2016

Something New.

Well thats the first week of the new job and I've kept my head above the water so Im pleased at that, not so pleased about the state of the river currently, am hoping that it will drop by tomorrow and Storm Angus wont do too much damage and pass us by.

A few new things on the cards this week with the wife bringing home some embroidery thread which was put to good on the bodies of a couple of nymphs, the sparkle doesn't show up too well on the photographs but they do catch the light at all angles which should work well.

My good friend Emilia from Graylingland in Finland sent me this over, a new free online bi monthly magazine which if they get interest in and articles will make a monthly item, the first issue has just been produced

Im sure if its given the right support it will take off and be informative to all.


  1. Nice little nymphs. Mrs. George thanks for your help in creating them.

  2. thanks Alan, I will of course pass on your compliments :)


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