Monday, 21 November 2016

Last Minute

Saturday saw my intended river I wanted to fish at still over 1m in height, so I didn't have high hopes for Sunday at all.

Sunday morning and the river was still well above what I would call fishable levels so made arrangements to take the wife out instead and off we went. On our way home for lunch we passed over the river so I decided to stop & have a peek over the bridge to see what state it was in. Still high but it was running a lot clearer than I had anticipated, so with this in mind we headed home for lunch.

After lunch I decided to throw the gear in the car and take a chance for an hour or so, so a short time later I was setting up on the side of the river, nothing like a bit of last minute fishing.

Still running high and fast but the colour was dropping out.

I decided to start a bit downstream in the slacker water with a couple of  nymphs, and it didn't take too long until the first fish was gracing the net.

It certainly wasnt the biggest fish in the river but it was a fish nevertheless.

The next 20 minutes saw me loose a couple of fish and catch a couple.

combined with a couple of out of season trout, which I have to say were in immaculate condition for this time of year, and a few chestnut leaves thrown in for good luck I didn't get much more before the winds picked up and the fishing because very quiet so I decided that enough was enough and started heading back towards the car.

With snow still on the hills and an ice cold wind blowing I had been on the river just over an hour and a half, conditions and weather I thought it was a decent hour or so and most importantly it kept the fishing demons at bay for another week. 

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