Sunday, 11 December 2016

A bit blawy

With the river level looking more like the outline of the Cairngorm Mountain range I decided to leave it till mid morning before heading out.

I arrived to find a real cold easterly wind blowing straight down the Dale and it didn't make for good angling in most spots especially seeing as I was fishing the nymphs on a short line.

I knew a couple of places where the wind would be on my back which would allow for a more comfortable approach so headed off downstream hoping that the place I had in mind would be OK. Thankfully the high bank deflected most of the wind but it was still very much a blawy day thats for sure, but the fish were biting straight from the off.

A couple of small Grayling within a matter of a dozen casts or so, certainly better than the previous day on Friday.

The wind was turning out to be a right pain, playing havoc with the line and presentation was not of the highest standards but the fish didn't seem to mind much with another Grayling coming in quick succession.

The trout were having some of the action also and I have to say for this time of the year they are in very good condition, the first few fish showing no signs of spawning at all,  a quick snap before going back to where it came from.

Another few Grayling following

Then the trout moved in and 4 in the space of 10 minutes I decided that it was better to move out and let them have the run as I didn't want to be continually catching fish out of season.

As I emerged over the top of the high bank the wind almost cut me in two it was that cold and strong, I had a bit of a walk to my next location where I was hoping that a wood would absorb most of the wind before it hit the water.

On my walk upstream I came across a few fungi still fresh around the trees.

This one I particularly like with the mushrooms sprouting up into the distance.

I also came across a few salmon carcasses which had been left high and dry as the water had receded, nature is a cruel thing at times, such beautiful creatures dying off after they hopefully help bring new life back into the river.

I got to the place I had in mind but the wood wasnt doing the job I had hoped for and most of the wind was blowing hard across the river making whitecaps as it passed over the rocks.

Deciding to give it another hour and see how things go I cracked on and did the best I could and it didn't take long for the fish to show up, however not the species I was in search of, more trout and they continued to come out, I decided to move again after taking 11 in the space of 20 minutes and then I cottoned on as to why, Upstream I came across a couple of salmon on their redds, and the trout were slap bang downstream in the path of the eggs heading downstream, no wonder there was so many in such a small area, free food.

A couple of pics of the salmon on the redds

I sat and watched the salmon for about 20 minutes and the big cock fish in this time making dashing runs almost completely out the water on a few occasions chasing the hen fish, a fascinating sight to sit and watch.

I decided to head back to the car and try one piece of water on the way although I had to contend with the full force of the wind but at least it was on my back. On route a couple of dozen Geese flew over on route to their roosting site.

with a few already down in the field.

Fishing on in the wind I managed to get another 2 Grayling and released at a very fast rate of knots a salmon, which stripped the reel right out before finally breaking the tippet and then  I finally conceded to the wind and headed back to the car.

The last one showing off and making the few hours in the biting wind all worth while.


  1. Handsome brown there George....I love those dorsal fins on the Grayling.

    1. thanks Alan, the Grayling are a spectacular fish thats why they are my favourite fish of all, It was a sheer delight to go to Finnish Lapland earlier in the year and target the arctic species too.


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