Friday, 9 December 2016

Dreich & Dour

What a Dreich & Dour morning on the river this morning but hey it beats being at work.

 After some heavy flooding during the week I was hoping the river would be on form and I would catch it just right, it had dropped 0.40m overnight so with some high water still in I was hoping that it would continue to thin off and the fish would be on the feed.

Started off just before 0930hrs and never touched a fish or had a bite for almost two hours when finally as I was beginning to wonder if it was going to be a dry net a small Grayling took the dropper.

Very welcome indeed no matter what the size and took the pressure off as touch wood I've not had a dry net this year.

Plenty of salmon moving upstream in the high water everywhere you looked you seen bow waves heading upstream so for them it was ideal.

I decided that I would give it another hour before calling it a day and heading home for lunch, and just at that the indicator stopped again and the 2nd fish of the day was on, then off. Hoping that there might be a few fish in the swim I  concentrated on this spot and was rewarded a few minutes later with another small Grayling.

It certainly was hard going and the day was turning out to be a right dull dreicht & dour type of day with a cross wind and the rain that soaks right into you.

The next 30 minutes brought another 4 small Grayling before bigger brother turned up for a piece of the action.

I took a few steps up the run and then the trout appeared on the scene, 2 in quick succession which were released immediately as they were still showing signs of spawning.

Moving upstream to my last run before heading home I connected with the best Grayling of the day and again released it at range, undeterred and hoping that there might be one more I cast again and immediately was rewarded with another good Grayling.

And on that note I decided enough was enough and head home as my stomach thought my throat had been cut and was in need of some food. Just over 3 hard hours on the river but it certainly beat being at work and after a nice lunch I sat and decided to make up a few floats, so watch this space.

On another note I sent a couple of my homemade nymphing indicators I made recently from 20lbs braided backing and a couple of small plastic balls to my good friend Davy from my old hometown.

 And last night he nipped out after work and had 3 Grayling and a Salmon whilst using it for the first time, good angling Davy & glad your putting the indicator to good use.


  1. Nice looking fish, love that feeling of the indicator slipping under.

  2. George you are a man of many talents.

    1. LOL, been called a lot of things over the years Alan but I do like making fishing tackle I have to admit, why pay the high prices some tackle companies ask when you can make it a lot cheaper and just as good and have fun in the process too :)


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