Sunday, 29 January 2017

Watch what you wish for!

Last week I was wishing for rain as the rivers were almost empty, this week quite the opposite after yesterday's rain, the river are all topped up again.

It was touch and go whether I would get out today as my fishable top limit was passed on the river gauge, but seeing as it looked like it was dropping I thought I would give it a go and see how we got on.

I got onto the river just after 9am, as I was walking down to the river it was deadly silent, no geese, no wildlife at all apart from the far off call of a lone curlew.

The river was as expected up and really dirty which wasnt going to help matters any. I started off in some places I often fish when the water is on the high mark but nothing apart from a few stick fish

I can tell you I had some really large stick fish too....

4 hours of fishing hard and changing to various setups didn't prevail and my only reward was a day out on the bank, so not all bad it certainly beats being stuck in the house.

I seen this on the way back to the car and it summed my day up where the fishing was concerned....DEAD!

On the float making front, I managed to get a couple of double swan quills finished off during the last week for a friend.

I showed them to a friend on social media and the reply I got was great works of art as always.....NO NO thats not what I strive for I told him, I like to pay attention to detail such as whipping as some floats I see you could drive a bus through the gaps in the whipping, I believe in paying attention to the small details after creating a float why ruin it with shoddy whipping, As I've said for many years...I dont make floats to be works of art, to look pretty and be hung on a wall in a picture frame, I make them for what they were designed for..........catching fish.


  1. George it looks like you made the best out of a poor day.

    1. Alan, even though nothing was caught it was still very much enjoyable,To just get out the house into beautiful countryside clears the mind ready for another working week.

  2. Hope to get out on Thursday for a bit of trotting. We too have had rain, so I hope the river is not dirty. To be honest George that's not really a stick. To qualify for a decent stick fish it has to be at least 20'' and you have too return them, sorry mate!

    1. Oh the joys of midweek fishing, I can only wish for that... I hope the weather stays OK for you and you get out. Nothing wrong with my stick fish, the one displayed was mauled on its way to the camera! :)


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