Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A Lovely Gesture

I have always been a very open amateur float maker and unlike some I will pass on information or tips to anyone who is interested on gaining experience in making their own floats for themselves.

Yesterday I came home from work to find a mysterious package waiting on me. On opening it I found it to be a gorgeous book with an inscription in the front cover. 

This was an unexpected gift from a gentleman who I have been giving advice to about making fishing floats over the internet and who Im now honoured to call a friend although we have never met. 

Im very humbled at receiving such a present from Richard, for simply doing something I enjoy doing which is passing on tips & advice to other amateur float makers or fishermen interested in making their own floats with nothing asked or expected in return, a truly wonderful gesture and something I will cherish.

On a slightly lesser note, I have to say its more than I can say about some people who have suckered me for float making information purely for their own gain & reward to line their own pockets without even as much as a single float in return, that wont be repeated anytime soon that Im positive of!!

Not to end on a sour note

A very generous gift and I've said in my email thank you but this deserves a Blog Thank You.


  1. Well Sir through your blog and posts has inspired me to concentrate on my fishing for Grayling either with fly or float.

    1. glad to hear your out & about neil


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