Saturday, 11 February 2017

This Weeks Up's & Down's

As regular blog readers will have noticed there was no fishing trip last week, this was due to a slight downward spiral I had last Saturday afternoon when my knee collapsed on me in totally the wrong spot in the house...the top of the stairs, yep head first from the top to the bottom of the stairs ending up on a heap at the front door.

Thankfully I didn't break anything but bruised and in severe pain there was no way I could have got onto the river so Sunday Karen had the pleasure of my company for another full day...lol, as the week has went on Its still painful to walk but nowhere as bad as it was.

That was the down side of the week, thankfully the rest of the week was a bit better and had a few better things to speak of.

With no fishing and restricted to the chair I decided to break out the table lathe and  with some Yew I had lying around in my odds & sods box I turned a display float for something to do, something I haven't done since 2015,  so it was nice to get the chisels back out and give them a dust off which I finished off each night after work with the lacquering.

Turned from a block of Irish Yew and mounted on a Yew Branch with a few wraps of silk to finish it off.

Im undecided where its final resting place will be yet as I have a few people in mind who I might send it to.

Back in September of last year I harvested the sloes off the bushes up the Dale as I always do each year.

It was time to decant the first bottle of 2016 sloe whisky, so earlier today I looked out the earliest of the 6 bottled kilner jars from last year dated the 30 Sep and strained out the sloes.

The finished product which I will saver & enjoy over the upcoming trout season

The other day I came home and was reunited with an old friend.

This is a box I made up for a charity auction, the box & its contents raised £105 for charity, the new owner was a fly fisherman who wanted to try his hand at trotting for Grayling.

3 cork trotting floats

3 balsa trotting floats

It turns out the gentleman in question has never used them as he said they looked too good to use and has never got around to trying his hand at trotting so returned them to me to be used for another auction or charity event of my choosing.
A very generous gesture and Im sure they will finally end up on a river somewhere for someone to enjoy as I had made them for.


  1. George sorry to here of your mishap, thankfully no broken bones.
    Although somewhat handicapped you manged to be quite productive.

  2. Thankfully Alan, no broken bones, just very bruised and sore, thanks for asking. Im not one to stay down long although no fishing again this weekend that was down to flooded rivers though so more time fly tying and float making

  3. I have a feeling the cause of the downstairs gymnastics was due to consuming the sloe Whisky lol....your a rum un George :).

    Did you sell the ornamental float?

    1. Hi Ian, I wish I was drunk....lol, quite sober that night. No I still have the float, I hardly ever sell floats now, more into just giving them away, currently doing a couple for the army benevolent fund. I hope your well 👍🏻


  4. LOL, I suppose if you had been drunk it would have dulled the pain at least!
    I do keep an eye on your blog and always enjoy reading it and looking at your pictures, those snow drops seem to come round quicker than ever.
    I only caught a few grayling this year on the Welsh Dee and they where all little fish of a only few ounces so nothing to get excited about. I haven't done a great deal of angling of any kind over the last 12 months (just lost the mojo) but have had some half decent trotting sessions for chub and barbel.
    We've still not had that day out George, next season maybe.
    I am keeping ok George (fingers crossed I stay that way lol), usual aches and pains, glad to see your in good fettle!


    1. sorry for the late reply Ian but a hectic week which hardly saw the computer on as my way of de-stressing is to get the tying vice out. I had a mixed Grayling season this year as I never got the floats and trotting rod out at all, I forced myself to stay on the fly rod with nymphs so a learning curve again as I didn't realise how much I had forgotten not using them for so long but great fun along the way.
      Nope we haven't had the day out but am sure we can sort something out, just keep in touch. Glad to hear your in fine fettle, just old age catching us all.
      all the best


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