Friday, 24 March 2017

Almost There

With the Brown Trout season in Yorkshire only just opening today it gave me this week to tie off a few more flies in preparation for the forthcoming season.
The rivers are all in flood with the snow and rain we have had for most of the week so the trout are quite safe from anglers for another few days I suspect.

Going through my storage boxes to replenish the fly boxes for the forthcoming season I realised a good clean out was required.

and after a good sort out the boxes were soon reduced to a few to fit into my waistcoat for the river.

However as always we can never have enough flies but in this case it was flies for another member of my family who no longer ties but still fishes.

and the last couple of nights have seen me at the vice after hectic days at work so what better way to chill out & relax than a few flies in preparation for when the tout start to look up away from the nymphs.

A few #16 mixed parachutes.

Tomorrow is the AGM of one of the clubs I belong to and its always enjoyable to meet up with friends I haven't seen all winter and afterwards its a nice dinner in the pub to finish off the meeting, what could be better, and always a raffle which my contribution this year is 3 dry fly furled leaders and 3 wet fly / nymph furled leaders.


  1. The "grand opening" looks like your ready George.

    1. Won't be too long Alan, next weekend weather permitting .


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