Thursday, 16 March 2017

Appleby Olive

A pattern which I had heard about last season but never got the opportunity to see or use, I happened to mention to Steven when I was over in Cumbria for the Furled Leader tuition as I knew he had caught a couple of lovely fish on it including his personal best river brown trout a 4lbs + fish.

I finally got all the ingredients together for myself and got a couple tied up in preparation for the new season in just over a week's time here in Yorkshire

The Appleby Olive:
Hook  #16 Hends BL154.
Bead copper coated tungsten 3mm.
Tail: Paintbrush fibres
Body: olive dubbing blend, basically a mix of dyed rabbit and squirrel (golden olive and cinnamon) with a little red, black, olive and peacock glister and/or ice dub for added flash.
Rib: Madeira metallic: (from a sewing shop)

The dubbing can be purchased direct from Andrew Ellis the creator of the Appleby Olive, I contacted Andrew via his Facebook page Andrew's Scruffy Dubbing  and together with another couple of dubbing's they arrived with a nice letter in a couple of days.

The  metallic Madeira I managed to purchase from my local sewing shop via their online page

another pattern I tied up using some of the other dubbing I purchased


  1. That's as good an Appleby olive as I've ever seen George, be interesting to see if it works on the Yorkshire rivers as well as the Cumbrian ones.
    Steven Dawson.

    1. Im hoping so mate, if not then I will have to do some cross border raiding into Cumbria...lol

  2. Anytime, you know that.

  3. Love your newest creations, may I look forward to seeing them in action?

    Very refreshing and simple name..Andrews Scruffy Dubbing. I like that.

    1. Im looking forward to giving them a swim Alan, our season still has another week before it opens, so really looking forward to getting out again.


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