Saturday, 11 March 2017


After a week of practise, a few broken threads with some new tools / materials added to my armoury, I can finally say I know how to fully make Furled Leaders.

The spring scissors I particularly like so much so I bought 2 pairs as they are ideal for Fly Tying too.

Its been a week of mixed emotions with a few furled leaders almost complete only to loose it at the very end when tying the shorb loops, or a few threads to snap especially in the making of the indicator ones but as I said last week practise makes perfect and today I  got Steven to sign off on 6 furled leaders I have made & presented as graduation ones.

2 normal green furled leaders for dry fly fishing, 2 red and yellow leaders to be used as indicators when fishing nymphs and finally 2 green with red tips for fishing wet fly / nymphs.

I have to say Im pretty chuffed with them and all made by my very own hands will make it even more satisfying when I use them to catch fish with.

The triangle is complete of handmade items for fishing with.

Dont worry I wont be changing from The Flee & Float to incorporate the furled leaders I just wanted to learn another craft associated with fishing. Its been an absolute pleasure and honour learning this craft from Steven and I would like to publically thank him via the way of the blog for teaching me another craft.

This week I also took delivery of this season's
T-shirts which I like to wear whilst out & about with my fishing adventures, with the small logo on the front & larger on the back.

Thanks again to Barrie & Karen at BFGraphics
who continue to do me proud.

A graphic which caught my wife's eye some months ago whilst surfing the net, was also made into a T-shirt and once again Karen worked her magic.

The wife giving me a nice reality check....


  1. Congrats George.
    Love the saying on your last t-shirt.

    1. thanks Alan, The wife found the graphic and I merely got it turned into a t shirt but I have to agree with her...lol

  2. Hello George

    Those leaders look brilliant and well done for mastering the art in a week. What material are they made from and how long are they please?

    I bought some furled leaders a couple of seasons ago that were made from monofilament (I presume) but I found that they were too long and didn't turn over so well on the cast, especially in breezy conditions. I ended up having to cut a couple of foot off them to get to the thicker line.

    Does your friend sell these to the public?



    1. Hi Dave,
      The furled leaders are made from Gutermann Skala nylon thread, These ones are 5ft but you can buy them in a range of measurements, I personally prefer 5ft furled leader and a 4ft tippet when using an 8/6" 5# but thats my personal preference.
      You can get them made from nylon, Ive made a couple as Steven also showed me how to make them too but for me I prefer the skala thread.

      Steven has sold to the public for years, thats how I got mine. Drop me an email and i will give you some more details.

    2. Which Skala thread size did you use (200,240 or 360), and did you say these are appropriate for a 5wt floating line?

    3. Hi Lloyd,
      I used the Skala 240 thread, it was what I was taught with so continued using it. Yes it will support a 5# floating. The amount of furls determines the weight, the standard furls will suffice a 4/5/6 # where less furls will support a 3#. Hope this helps you out.
      Best regards


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