Sunday, 4 June 2017

Another Hour

Another day I played the good patient husband and followed the wife around the shops & streets of York whilst she looked for clothes for our forthcoming cruise so when I got home last night and crashed out on the sofa I had no intentions of going fishing but after seeing the weather forecast for the coming few days I had to do a complete U turn as 40mph winds and torrential rain doesn't bode highly with a 3# fly rod trying to cast a size 20 dry fly.
I arrived on the river just before 9pm as I had been watching the wind blow the cherry tree in our front garden and it wasnt until late on that the wind had eased and I thought I may have a chance at a fish or two on the dries.

The river was even lower than last week and to be honest in some parts you could walk from bank to bank without getting your feet wet.

The first few casts and a couple of small trout came to the dry but being too fast off the mark I missed them but then as I found my rhythm they started coming to the net.

Nothing big but always nice to see.

Apologies for the blurred picture in the middle I found this picture distorted when I was downloading them as there were a few splashes of water on the lens.

A few more smaller fish came to the dries, all around similar size as the light started to fade.

There was 30 minutes or so when a prolific hatch came on, olives, Yellow sally's, and even a few mayflies but nothing was taking advantage of any of them.

I sat & watched for 20 minutes or so before finally casting to a persistent rising fish and first pass over its head it took the fly.

and that was it nothing else that I could see so headed home and was sat back in-front of the TV with a whisky in my hand by 10.45pm, Another hour which was worth the effort, now it can rain all it wants for the next 3 days, we need it after all.


  1. George wonderful results on a 3wt and 20 dry.
    I have the same issue with spots on the camera. We must educate our quarry to be more patient.

    1. cheers Alan, I've got to the stage now in fishing where I prefer a lower weighted rod as I get more enjoyment from using them now than heavier rods.


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