Monday, 19 June 2017

Catching Up

Its been a while since I last updated the blog but due to our 30th wedding anniversary & my 50th birthday both celebrated on a week long cruise in the Mediterranean I have been unable to update the blog.

Just before Karen & I headed off I managed to grab a few hours on the river on the morning of our departure, it was raining heavy and the river was still high after heavy rain, I had to get a fishing fix in before we headed off though, needs must.

I decided to start straight off on the nymphs and on my 3rd flick of the nymph I hooked a Salmon which took off like a rocket and on a 3# rod and 5lbs tippet I wasnt hopeful. The fish in the initial run took all the fly line and took me to almost all the backing, I estimate I had about 8 reel turns of backing left on the line & I actually thought the fishing had finished just as I was starting. The fished thankfully stopped which allowed me to get some line back on the reel as I tried to give chase and not before long I had fly line back on the reel before it made a few other runs. The battle went on for almost 20 minutes and I was beginning to think I was winning the battle, I seen the fish a few times with its silver flanks but the last glimpse I caught of it was as it disappeared over the groyne and the line went slack, the hook had slipped, a size 16 gold head nymph.

The last view I got of the salmon as it went up over the groyne and was gone.

After regaining my composure again and checking all my tippet etc again, I set about hunting down what I had actually come for, the brown trout and it didn't take long to find a few.

It was nice to be back on the river with some water in it, as the levels have been so low as of late it was nice to see the river being flushed through and the fish actually on the feed instead of having to wait until dusk to get them feeding as the day got cooler.

All lovely wild trout a few still a bit on the lean side but that had to be expected with the low water conditions we had for almost a month.

I found this guy lurking just off the grassy bank in the slower water, the best of the day and probably the last fish as I really needed to get my skates on and get home to get ready to fly out.

I had one last cast just off the bank the the line went tight again.

a smaller trout than before but I had to make it the very last, I had to complete a bit of an endurance walk back to the car as fast as I could as I had slightly overstayed my time limit, as you often do!

Just over 4 hours later I was relaxing on a plane heading to warmer climbs and leaving all the rain behind for a week of celebrations and sun.

I would like to thank all our friends online who sent us best wishes & cards for our anniversary and my birthday, I will get to answer you all in due time, after all we only flew home last night.


  1. Hello George

    Happy belated birthday and anniversary. It's unheard of to get married under the age of thirty nowadays it seems so well done :)
    Also, commiserations on your epic battle with salmo salar. I can only imagine the bend in your 3# rod, and the swear words when it parted company with you.
    I've eventually got round to posting my TAA application so should be back at it myself soon.



    1. Hi Dave,
      Thank you very much mate, It doesn't surprise me now, but it was the norm in our day, I was only 19 when I married and the wife was 20.

      Your getting to know me too well the air was blue for about 10 minutes after I seen it disappear over the groyne especially after 20 minutes or so... Good to hear your application is in, we need to have a day together.
      all the best

  2. Cheers George

    Once I've got my bearings I'll drop you a line and you can show me the best swims :)

    There looks to be some cracking stretches.



    1. Dave,
      A best swim doesn't stay a best swim if you show somebody that I have learned over the years....lol


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