Sunday, 12 November 2017


Like most military & ex military around the world, today was a day to remember fallen comrades and the sacrifices they have given.

Dusting off the beret & doing a bit medal cleaning I joined others in remembering.

An addition to the village Wreath laying this year is a small stone of remembrance with a cross for every soldier from the village who has paid the ultimate sacrifice.

With my duty done I headed out for an hour or so hoping to hook a Grayling or two, but the wind was severe & very cold, nevertheless I decided to give it a go and headed downstream of my normal haunt in search of some slightly deeper water as the river was low and crystal clear.

Fishing my way back up stream nothing was happening until I slipped my cast behind a large boulder and the reel creamed off instantly, I knew this wasnt a grayling for sure and after a short battle I slipped the net under a large & annoyed brown trout.


Giving him a second to recover before releasing him back to where he came from I grabbed a quick photograph, The water was freezing as I held his head upstream in the current and with a flick of his paddle like tail he was gone. 

Giving myself a second or two to warm my freezing fingers, I sneaked a photograph of a tree standing proud, holding onto the last of its leaves as all others around were now bare.

fishing upstream I managed to hook another two smaller brown trout which were released back to where they came & on arriving at the car that was it, 2 hours of hard fishing in a very cold wind made for an early lunch so I headed home to a large bowl of Lamb & Mint soup, just what the doctor ordered.


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