Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christening a Rod.

With high winds predicted all the way through the Christmas holidays I really wanted to get out and try the new rod out, so yesterday afternoon against my better judgement I decided to head out and see if I could find a bit of sheltered water on the river in the hope of getting a fish, as I knew the winds were only meant to intensify over the next few days so this would be my only chance maybe until the New year.

As I pulled up at the side of the road where I normally park the car the trees were whistling with the wind. Should I or shouldn't I, were my thoughts and probably stupidity got the better of me as I slipped into my waders.

The wind and rain was heading straight down the Dale, and it would be hard to find some sheltered water but I knew one spot that might pay off.

Slipping down behind the bare willows I came to the spot I had in mind and started fishing, the rod felt really good and it wasnt long until I would feel how it handled with a fish on, or so I thought as started playing the fish, only to realize it was actually two fish, a double hook up!

With the first safe in the net I gripped the leader and slipped the net under the second fish.

Now thats a way to christen a rod and with Grayling too, I was chuffed to bits.

The first Grayling taken on the middle dropper.

And the second taken on the point nymph.

Continuing in the pool was challenging as the wind was throwing my line everywhere but a couple more smaller fish came to the net before the wind got the better of me and I decided to walk to another spot I knew which had some high banks that would hopefully divert the wind over the top of me.

The wind wasnt as bad down behind the high banks and I soon settled into a routine, and the  Grayling obliged although I dropped a few too.

I really did like how the rod was performing and how light it was coming in at 93 grams and with one of my Reddington zero reels they teamed up well.

A couple of acrobatic trout kept me on my toes with this one being the best of the two and in mint condition giving a good acrobatic account of itself.

The geese were having a time being blown all over as they started coming into roost in the fields opposite.

I decided to give it a last cast before heading home and just as I was about to lift for the last time a Grayling took the point fly.

Time to go home as I had been lucky that I managed to get out the wind as it really was picking up and not a place to be throwing around a new fly rod.

Heading back to the car past the wall which no longer has any purpose as it stops at both ends in the middle of the field. I decided to head to a place where I know a fisherman now deceased is always remembered and it was nice to see he hasn't been forgotten about this year either.

A few moments to reflect, I headed home contented that I had managed to get to use the rod and was still buzzing from the first catch being a double hook up, 9 fish to the net and a few lost.

As I drove into the drive and looked back across the Dale it had angry skies all over it.

Sure enough last night was a windy night in the Dales and it continued all day today with gusting winds up to 40mph, so Im glad I got out for a few hours yesterday.


  1. You never know until it's tried.
    Well done George.

  2. Cheers Alan, Was hard but very rewarding in the wind and the rod handles lovely :)


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