Friday, 22 December 2017

High Up The Dale

With  couple of days holidays to get in before the end of the year I decided to finish work a day early than the rest, so this morning instead of heading to work I headed high up the Dale as the river had risen during the night and I fancied a few hours higher up on the river where the riverbed is mostly slabs of bedrock but with some water in the river it generally fishes ok.

The river was not too bad when I arrived, higher than normal and a bit of colour to it so I tackled up and headed downstream in search of my prey.

It wasnt long until I encountered my first fish a small trout in tip top condition, closely followed by another 3, all from the same patch of water.

Moving downstream away from the trout a couple of small grayling came on the scene, but it was slow going but certainly better than working thats for sure.

I sat and watched as I seen a few olives hatching off the water, followed by a few more, a hatch had started in the early morning sun.

I stood and watched as a few small fish started coming up for them but not in any great numbers or I would have switched to dry fly for some fun.

Moving downstream into the broader part of the river below the old mill when I started picking off a few more small Grayling.

Just as I got to the bottom of the stretch the line went taught and something started pulling back a little more than the rest.

A nice upper Dales grayling.

Just short of the falls on this particular stretch which is popular with walkers and sightseers I decided to turn and head back upstream away from the populated part of the river for some peace & quiet again.

Stumbling across a few waxcaps which were out in the wet woods.

With nothing else playing I decided to head back to the car and call it a morning, as I wanted to get home for a delivery in the afternoon.

As I walked along the path at the side of the wall I came across a large holly bush covered in berries, so took a few moments to organise a photograph which I will end this post with.

Getting back home the delivery I was waiting on had come early and was left in a safe place which I was relieved at, I hate trying to organise a revisit after they have taken the item back to the depot.

The item being delivered was a new 10ft 3# rod which I finally tracked down after a couple of months of looking around for it, thinking it may no longer be available and I had tried out the rod on a recent rod trip to Scotland as a friend fishes with one and he also confirmed I maybe out of luck as he hadn't seen one either.

Thankfully though after another friend's steer the other night that particular rod is now in my possession.

All that is left for me to say is, I wish everyone who reads the Flee & Float all the very best for Christmas and I hope you all have a great time wherever in the world you are. 
Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Nice looking rod, I like a rod with a wooden insert, not a fan of these all metal reel seats. May I ask what rod?

  2. Wonderful post George.
    I love that photo of the moss covered wall it's so country.
    Question, do you use a weight forward or a double taper line?

    1. Thanks Alan,
      Im a fan of double tapers but at the moment Im not using any fly line with the euro nymphing, simply a 30ft tapered mono leader to a 3lbs tippet.

  3. Hey George, i've not made any coments for a spell but do drop in for a look at your blog. Anyhow it's looking great as usual and I enjoy the random picures!
    All the best to you and yours George....av a good un bud:).

    1. Cheers Ian,
      You know your welcome here anytime fella, all the best to you & the family
      cheers George


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