Saturday, 10 February 2018

Filling the Boxes Up

No fishing for me this weekend, Im on domestic assignment this week, lifting carpets, stripping out built in wardrobes in preparation for electricians and plasterers to ascend on the house.

In between all the sweaty stuff I get some relaxation with being at the vice, and preparing the boxes for the forthcoming trout season.

I always like to have a few peeping caddis in my box and two colours which have always came good for me in the past and caught me Trout & Grayling is green & orange.

and to mix it up a little this season I tied some red to have a play with.

I've been messing around with some deer hair & CDC for some Caddis patterns, and after a couple of flies that were not quite right I settled on this one, Still a bit of work to be done around the head area but a fly which holds plenty of buoyancy and will cope with a nymph being suspended under it as a searching pattern, time will tell.


  1. Bugs and more bugs.
    George all of them represent what fish will eat.
    I have a special fondness for those caddis patterns.

    1. They have served me well over the past seasons Alan, the red one I haven't tried yet but am sure if as good as the others then it won't disappoint.

  2. Nice and buggy! I can testify tot he power of the cdc deer hair caddis as well. Over here in Michigan where the caddis is king most days, the cdc DHC is an excellent search pattern. The trout see them so often that you've no worry of "selective" sneaking into the vocabulary!

    Nice pattern for the peeping caddis. I find scarlet or cardinal red to be good colors but then, I favor brookies. I'll be interested to follow the response of your trout.

    Nice snapshots, too.

    1. Thanks Spike,
      I've used deer hair many times in the past but not combined it with cdc before so will see how they fair :)


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