Sunday, 24 March 2019


With the trout season still closed in Yorkshire I had to head a little further afield in search of a trout.

 I had formulated a plan in my head.

I had made a new weight forward furled leader the other night especially to start of the season, coupled with another few which were taken to the AGM yesterday where all donations for them were given to the Macmillan Nurses this year.

Yesterday whilst on the work party I had seen several fish rise to a small hatch of olives so I had a rough time of day when to set out, so after a bit of a lie in bed and a nice breakfast I headed to a stretch of river I've never fished before, to be honest I hadn't even clapped eyes on it before today but I have heard a lot of reports about it and I wanted to start off on dry fly so I hedged my bets that this was the place to do it after speaking to a couple of guys.

Arrival at the river I found I certainly was not going to be alone with over 15 cars parked in the lane but I suspected these would be dog walkers, as I had been warned it was a place where there was lots of activity, I was just hoping they would keep their dogs out of the river...who was I kidding!!

After tackling up and heading out to explore the new stretch I found it as I had been briefed, and Im just sorry I haven't fished this stretch before as it contains some lovely water, perfect for Grayling & Trout, only downside is its popular with dog walkers and you barely get time to chill before another dog bounces up behind you into the water.

After finding my footing I decided to head further away from the bank to get out the way of both owners & dogs who were constantly around me, and the constant excuse from the owners of not seeing me before they let their dog run straight past me into the water!

Not my idea of good manners & I had to bite my tongue on several occasions.

Starting at the bottom of the glides I started casting the small olive pattern I had tied the other night upstream searching out likely lies and it wasnt long until I seen the real life olives hatching out.

I had timed it spot on and soon a small rise started and soon the first fish rose & took my artificial, The first fish on dry fly of the day and it's a Grayling but I wasnt complaining as it proves my artificial works.

20 minutes and 8 Grayling later all on the dry fly, I had a very large smile on my face but its just a shame that the Grayling are now out of season, so very carefully without taking them out the water, they were slipped back. The largest just over a pound in weight.

The hatch died off as a cold wind blew across the river so I took time out to just chill and I was now in the ideal place as the footpath was at this point high above me up the bank and set back from the river so finally I had some peace & quiet.

As I say a lovely part of the river but I think if I had to fish it again it would not be on a weekend where everyone is out walking their dogs, I can just imagine this place on a warm night when a hatch is on.

The blossom on the trees behind me was stunning in the short few minutes that the sun shone.

About 20 minutes passed, before the wind changed direction and was off the water and within 5 minutes a hatch came on again so I was back out waist deep casting across the the rising fish in the thin water. It was definitely a mixture of small Trout & Grayling, the next 6 fish which took my fly was all Grayling then finally I got a break & a small trout took the fly as it passed over its head & my account for 2019 Trout had opened, a lovely small wild trout.

With the cold wind returning to the water the hatch died again & I decided to call a halt to the proceedings and head home, a worthy few hours exploring new water and getting amongst the fish on dry fly.

A lovely part of the river and I will definitely be back but will time it so not to bump into as many dog walkers next time.


  1. George exploration, is fun and rewarding.

  2. Sue and I drove up to Wetherby yesterday and the river looked good. Sadly no fishing just dropping Sue's mum off with realigns who have taken her to Scotland for month. Lovely to see that little Brownie. Regards, John

    1. Thanks John, shame you couldn't get to fish though.


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