Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Still Here

Hi bloggers,

I've had a couple of prompts from regular blog readers saying they are missing the blog entries, truth be told I have not been fishing since my last entry, not for the want of trying that I can assure you but the rivers are thundering through at present and am afraid my 3# is nowhere a match for rivers that are 2.5m high and doing a few miles an hour past me, when normally I would be fishing levels of 0.40m and below.

It has given me time to get out with the camera but am afraid it's mostly non fishing topics apart from the very first dry fly I tied up last night in preparation for the new season, better late than never I suppose but with such low levels last year I still have more than enough flies to last me into the new season.

As I said I've been out with the camera and as you can see from this shot from the bridge at West tanfield across to the church the Ure is big, but with the new storms it's even bigger this week with localised flooding.

Whilst in West Tanfield I paid another visit to a famous Grayling angler of yesteryear, none other than Francis Walbran's Grave.

Who drowned whilst fishing in the river Ure at Tanfield.

The devil's bridge am sure in its time has seen many a flood.

& finally the first dry fly tied up this year, an olive pattern on a #18

Apart from that folks there isn't really much to report on.


  1. Hello George

    I suspected that you must have been deterred by the weather. It's always the same when the season is drawing to a close. Out of interest, is the devils bridge the one at Kilgram?



    1. Hi Dave its not the weather at the weekend its the weather through the week making the rivers unfishable at the weekends...lol. Yes Devil's bridge is indeed Kilgrim bridge.

  2. Sounds as if your season whimpered out just like my pike season, beaten by the weather. It's still blowing a gale here and more wind and rain to come. Time to sort the gear and try and get some reservoir fishing for trout underway. Regards, John

    1. Hi John,
      Mainly due to either high water or very low water, there never seemed to be a happy medium when I was available to fish, As I write this everywhere is flooded in the Dale, the water is at 3.62m at 6pm tonight.


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